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"That which is in the highest good for one is in the highest good for humanity as a whole."

Nagi Maka (Earth Spirit) was adopted into the New Haven Native American Church, where she became a Medicine Woman. In 2018, Nagi Maka became Medicine Chief of a branch of the NHNAC called Spirit of the Earth Native American Church. She now uses her knowledge and skills to help humanity and the Earth heal through her work as a Medicine Woman and Natural Practitioner.

NHNAC Medicine People charge no fees for their Healing Ministry. Rather, they may make suggestions of Donation or Offerings and gratefully receive such Offerings in return for the services they perform. This Sacred Giveaway is clear in the Informed Consent Process and the NHNAC Medicine Man or Woman uses this term out of lack of a better alternative only. Any money, product, exchange, or so forth are considered as a Sacred Giveaway by the Medicine Person, even when the person receiving the service may not.


DONATIONS can be made online, in person, or by check or money order in the mail.

NHNAC Medicine Men and Women consider themselves a part of the pattern and web of life. As part of the Creators creations they consider all things their Sacred Relations. Natural Resources do not exist only to be consumed. NHNAC Medicine People understand that they are duty bound to work to provide a future for coming generations.

NHNAC Members are conscious of the effect the unchecked exploitation of natural resources has had on the Health of the Planet. This unnecessary exploitation has affected the state of wellness of all people physically, mentally, and Spiritually. NHNAC Medicine People dedicate themselves to finding and implementing ways to assist the individual, family, community, society, and the planet from this unhealthy consumerism.




Shaman Card Reading

  • Spirit of the Earth charges no fees. Any donation is equally appreciated.
  • The experience of Shaman Card Readings should be perceived as an inner voyage, an attempt to shed light on who you truly are and why certain things happen to you.
  • A Shaman Card Reading is useful for clarifying a particular situation that is important.
  • If you'd like to learn more, text VISION QUEST to 31996 to instantly receive a podcast link with detailed information about all aspects of Shaman Card Readings.

Native American Medicine

  • Native American Medicine can be used to maintain good health or to help heal specific conditions.
  • Find or request information on a specific condition here.
  • Please select your condition from the list to see what various Medicine Men and Women recommend for your alternative healing medicine.

What People Say


I’ve always been a man of logic and reason, trapped in a world that hardly uses either. 😉 My study of philosophy has made me understand that the only people who are wise, are the ones who understand that they don’t know everything. So when I first discovered the avenue for which Auri uses to bring healing, I was completely open minded and eager to have that experience. First, I just want to say that Auri was not only professional but very caring and kind, which I think every great healer possesses. I found the entire process a comfort for the soul, it was extremely peaceful and afterwards felt a strong sense of harmony with the universe. I would highly recommend Auri to anyone that is interested in counseling, she has a way of making you feel like she’s a long lost friend. Peace Love & Blessings"

Ken D.Retired

I just wanted to say thank you for your time yesterday. I feel so much better today. I no longer feel sad or depressed. I have energy and no longer have aches & pains. I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to meet and speak with you and am looking forward to seeing you again."

LeilaniNursing Assistant

I will never forget all that Auri has done for me, helping to answer all the questions and fears I had. I learned a lot. Thank you for all you did for me and my family."

Roger L.Author

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Text VISION QUEST to 31996 to instantly receive a podcast link with detailed information about all aspects of Spirit of the Earth Healing.



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